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truly komal CHARCAOL MASK

Charcoal is one of the best detoxifying Ingredients in the world!
Our special charcoal mask… works to gently remove all ur dead skin cells, dullness, DEEP cleaning all that gunk in your pores, and sucking out all those toxins for our over polluted environment and damaging sun rays!

Its also infused with GLYCERIN to leave ur skin baby soft and moisturized. PLUS Vitamin C for that healthy GLOW!

What more can you possibly ask for in one mask?!!!

Just apply a thin and even layer all over ur face and leave on till JUST DRY. And then gently peel off and rinse.

Note: please do not leave this mask on for too long as it might be a bit difficult to peel off but in the case that you do… u can wash it off instead of peeling.

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