Kitchen Accessories 9 in 1 Colanders

Kitchen Accessories 9 in 1 Colanders

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Product Description

- Vegetable Cutter kitchen accessories 9 in 1 Colanders ,Food Strainers Multi-functional Rotate Vegetable Cutter with Double Drain :


 Material: PP + Stainless Steel

- Color: Grey

- Weight: 508g

- Size: 22 x 11 cm

- Warranty: 1 Months International Seller Warranty

- Package: 1× Drain basket

Feature Points:

1.9 in 1 Drain Basket- It includes shredded, dicing, chopping and other functions, you can choose different cutting blades depend on your needs and use whatever you want.

2.Easy to Use- The bottom has a non-slip design, and the handle is controlled with one hand, which will not damage the table or hurt your hands when used.

3.Easy to Storage- It can be used as a storage for vegetables and fruits. After use, all cutters can be stored in the basket to ensure safety while avoiding losing or damaging the cutter.

4.Saving Time- Shorten the preparation time, can easily handle a large amount of food, very suitable for busy chefs to prepare meals.

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