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Hair Removal

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Pro-Wax Machine - White

Rs. 1,200 Rs. 1,775

•Temperature can be adjustable from 0 degree to 55 degree •Suitable for all types of waxes; •Suitable for professional salon use An adapter is included for you..


Black & Pink Hair Removing Pads

Rs. 549 Rs. 851

•Painless Hair Removing System Features •Easy, effective and painless removal of unwanted hair •Provides additional exfoliation for skin •Improves blood circulation •Hair is plucked from the roots..


Rechargeable 3 In 1 Epilator

Rs. 2,499 Rs. 3,620

•3 in 1 Electric Epilator is made from the durable ABS plastic material to ensure the durability of the product. • 3 in 1 Electric Epilator comes with the dedicated cleaning brush to clean the hair remnants from the different parts of the body. • 3 in 1 Electric Epilator is an ideal Epilator to gently remove the hair of underarms, legs, face, and..


Pro Wax 100 Wax Machine

Rs. 1,199

Smooth Hair RemovalLeaves skin smooth shiny and glowyConvenient to useHigh Quality..


Finishing Touch Flawless Painless Hair Remover

Rs. 520

Finishing Touch Flawless Women's Painless Hair RemoverNo need for hair to grow out – can use everydayInstant and painless, no redness or irritationSafe for all skin types and tonesGentle and safe to the touchDermatologist approvedUnwanted hair will not grow back thickerWorks with 1 AA battery (not included)Instantly & Painlessly Removes unwante..


Finishing Touch Yes Hair Remover

Rs. 1,599

.Pain-free hair remover that's safe and gentle on the most sensitive skin.Ideal for facial hair and perfect for bikini, belly, arms and under arms, hard to reach areas on legs, and it's safe on all skin types and colors.Micro-oscillation technology sweeps away unwanted hair in one step, without pain or irritation-unlike laser or thermal hair remove..


Hair Threading Machine - Pink

Rs. 1,290

Precise and smooth hair removalConvenient and easy to useFriendly on skinHigh quality..


Pro Wax Body Waxing Heater Machine

Rs. 1,249 Rs. 1,349

Removable wax potHigh quality machinePortable Sturdy designEasy to useUser friendly feature..

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Wax Strips Easy Grip

Rs. 288 Rs. 339

.With Wax Strips, you can have instantly exfoliated skin and smoothness that Duration four weeks..They're specially formulated with Aloe Vera, known for its moisturising properties.Fragranced with Lotus Flower to suit Dry Skin..With the Easy Strip tab at the bottom, apply one strip to your skin...

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Facial & Body Hair Remover Pad

Rs. 299 Rs. 433

.COLOR-  Pink and Black.Skin-Friendly Material.Works Mechanically No additives.Soft, Simple & Painless Removal.Easy & Effective Hair Removal.Pads covered with small crystals..


Tinkle Face Razor Pack of 3

Rs. 250

Tinkle Razor removes the fine hairs of the eyebrow, neck and face as well as unnecessary hairs elsewhere.When Twizing hurts too much or you just don’t have the time these little razors will work great.Lightweight and non-slip grip for easy control.Great for fine hair and detail work.Tinkle Face Razor Pack of 3 with Stainless/Safety covers.Tinkle Fa..


Travel Razor For Women

Rs. 839 Rs. 2,999

Razor for Women All-In-One Travel and Portable Women’s Razor The Sphynx Razor is not meant to replace your at-home blades or shaving routine. It's designed for those moments away from home when you realized you need a quick shave, whether at the beach, gym, work, school, traveling, etc. Simply turn the center dial to spray, moisturize and shave!..


Automatic Remover Handy Tweezer

Rs. 1,159 Rs. 1,690

The Tweezer is the leading tool in instant hair removal and leaves you with smooth hair-free skin every time! * An amazing invention that literally finds grabs and removes unwanted hair from the roots, keeping it from growing back for weeks. It's a great accessory for travel . This epilator is perfect for both men and women...


Beauty Formulas Bikini Ladies Razor

Rs. 282

1.Disposable bikini razor. 2.Light compact mini head. 3.Soothing aloe moisture strip for lubrication where needed...


Beauty Formulas Deep Cleans Face Strip

Rs. 332

Beauty Formulas deep cleansing face pore strips are designed to remove dirt, oil and other pore clogging debris from multiple areas of the face and in particular, the chin and forehead. The strip adheres to the dirt and oil in your pores and then they are lifted away as you remove the strip. The results can be seen instantly as you remove the strip..

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