Automatic Liquid Filling Dish Washing Brush

Automatic Liquid Filling Dish Washing Brush

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Product Description

2 in 1 Function - The dual function of two different brush heads, a brush combination to wash dishes and dishwashing sponge.

The two options are almost perfect for your cleaning needs. Antibacterial and Hygienic -

Our scrubbers are made of food grade materials because they are naturally antibacterial and they are not as porous as ordinary sponges and cloths. With these silicone dishwashers, there is no longer a smelly bacteria laden sponge.

Easy to Use - Install the brush head, then open the button to inject the liquid into the body, press the button, you can start cleaning your kitchen, including dishes, bowls, pots, glass, everything you want to clean.

Ergonomic Design - Ergonomic handle with a soft and comfortable anti-skid grip, used as saucer soap storage, brush head sponge cleaning head are removable/replaceable. PP & Sponge Material - Durable nylon bristles won't scratch non-stick cookware and bakeware. - One brush combines the functions of a dishwashing brush and a dishwashing sponge.good quality and durable,save your money and free your hand. - Do not hurt the pot, do not hurt the hand. Wash clean and use the rest assured. - It is preferred to use nylon brush and sponge.It is light and convenient to remove stains,and the cleaning effect is visible. - Streamlined handle,ergonomic,compact and lightweight,comfortable to use. - Suitable for washing dishes, stoves, hoods and so on. How to use: 1. Install the brush head which you want (nylon bristles head & Sponge head) 2. Simply unscrew the bottom of the handle. 3. Injecting the liquid into the scrub body 4. Push the Silicone button to release a stream of soap. 5. Durable multi-functional scraper on backside of brush easily removes baked-on pot. 6. Cleaning your kitchen including dishes, bowls, pots, glass, bottles anything you want to clean.

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