Realistic Reborn Baby Doll Girl

Realistic Reborn Baby Doll Girl

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-Reborn Baby Doll Girl Anatomically Correct Realistic Full Silicone Vinyl Body Washable Dolls

This baby is handmade, craftwork with hand painting.  for ages 3+.

▪︎7 Different Fabrics

▪︎Sound Kit Included

▪︎Limited Stock

Skin color - Caucasian skin color with hand paiting, the doll looks more pinky&realistic than ordinary doll.

Doll Size  ▪︎43cm

Weight - Doll net weight is around 1.1KG, 2.4LBS.

Material and structure - Full body silicone vinyl doll, soft touch and realistic,flexible. The doll can be put into water to have bath or shower. The doll is totally pose able,head and limbs can be moved around freely.

Eyes - Taiwan high-grade acrylic eyes, the eyes can not blink. The double-fold eyelids very beautiful, eyelashes are hand applied, please do not force when you wash the face in case eyelashes fall off.

Hair - Hand applied High Temperature Synthetic wig hair,very soft touch.

Nose - The nostrils are open, as if the baby doll is breathing. The lips of the baby doll seem warm and humid.

Skin - The skin is the most unique place this doll, designers will spend a lot of time to baby's skin looks more realistic multi-layer manufacturing processes. Color after special treatment, so it will not fade.

Nails - The nails of the baby doll paint as if the milky half an moon shape, very delicate.

*Color: Random color of fabric will be send*

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