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Rs. 170 Rs. 200

- Color Stay- Classy FeelRivaj Classy Lipstick is hydrating enough to give you smooth and soft lips whenever you wear it, not dry it out all throughout the day, its creamy texture compliment your skin tone...


Lip Care Cream

Rs. 362 Rs. 382

- Moisture-retaining formulation- Eliminates dry lips- Long lasting effectA moisturizing cream that guarantees optimum care of your lips helping you regain freshness and most importantly makes your smile lively and beautiful again...


Pink Magic Lip Balm

Rs. 120 Rs. 140

- Strawberry flavored- Sensationally soft lips- Healing formulationA strawberry flavored balm that not only deliciously tasty but also helps revive the ever loved pink lips regaining freshness. The balm produces a lipstick like color for several hours while moisturizing and healing your lips...


Rivaj UK Lip Oil

Rs. 90 Rs. 110

This Tinted Lip Oil adds a beautiful sheer shine to your lips. Each shade is infused with Jojoba and Vitamin E to nourish and hydrate your lips with each application...

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